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Dystopian Sci-Fi | Genetic Engineering Science Fiction

Amarantha: The Sequel to CRISPR Evolution

Published by: Charis Jones
Publication Date: Coming Soon!
Paperback ISBN: TBA
Paperback Trim: 5" x 8" 
Available: Soon to be available with all major retailers; Wholesale via Ingram.

Amarantha: The Sequel to CRISPR Evolution

By Charis Jones

After escaping federal agents in Boston, the Wake family is living with Howard’s brother deep in the Maine woods. With a real home and room to expand, the family has added two new members—embryos created from Aurie’s eggs, in which she has awakened the god-template. For the first time, life in hiding is peaceful; Howard and Jacqueline are busy with their in-house garage lab, Aurie is taking care of the embryonic gods in their artificial wombs, and Py is engaged in a secret project with a colony of ants. But Py’s evolution has only begun. As his ant project expands beyond his control, he faces questions of self and soul that he isn’t ready to answer. These become pressing when the god in his own genome awakens and the Wakes—young and old alike—are called upon to defend the human race. Aurie’s god flew off to seed life on a distant planet, but Py’s god is here to stay—and he is intent on remaking the world and the humans in it.


Fans of Orson Scott Card, Ursula Le Guin, and Octavia Butler will love this continuing tale of what it means to be human ... and what it means to be a god.

Available at a discount to wholesalers through Ingram. Or inquire with the author to purchase multiple copies at a discount for your next book club.


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