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Dystopian Sci-Fi | Genetic Engineering Science Fiction

Published by: Charis Jones
Publication Date: October 2022
Paperback ISBN: 979-8986384900
Paperback Trim: 5" x 8" - 363 Pages
Available: All major retailers;
Wholesale via Ingram.

CRISPR Evolution

By Charis Jones

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Brilliant geneticist Howard Wake has one life-defining dream: to advance human evolution, starting with his own kids. Under the radar of agencies that have outlawed all but the tamest science, he builds a tool designed to probe the darkest crypts in the human genome for buried treasure. But rousing ancient DNA from its age-old slumber is a risky undertaking. To create his children safely, Howard needs to enlist Jacqueline Witt, who has engineered a secret of her own. Before he can convince his friend and colleague to help him, Howard is forced to disappear into the science underground. Deciding that it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission, he takes everything he needs with him.


Eight years later, Howard’s kids are helping him run a garage lab in Massachusetts—but federal agents are only a step behind, the twins’ sleeping DNA is beginning to stir, and Jacqueline has tracked down the man who stole what she values most ... and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it back.


CRISPR Evolution was a first-place winner in the PNWA literary contest, a semifinalist for the BookLife Prize, and a finalist for the Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award and Grand Prize, the American Book Fest Best Book Awards, the Foreword INDIES Awards, the Indies Today Awards, the National Indie Excellence Awards, the Readers' Favorite Awards, and the Page Turner Awards.


Fans of Michael Crichton, Paolo Bacigalupi, and Octavia Butler will love this tale of genetic roguery in a world where free inquiry has become a rare and dangerous commodity.

Available at a discount to wholesalers through Ingram. Or inquire with the author to purchase multiple copies at a discount for your next book club.

Awards for CRISPR Evolution

Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award Finalist, 2023

Eric Hoffer Awards Grand Prize Shortlister, 2023

Eric Hoffer Awards Honorable Mention, 2023

BookLife Prize Semifinalist, 2023

American Book Fest Best Book Awards Finalist, 2023

17th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist

Readers' Favorite Awards Finalist, 2023

Foreword INDIES Finalist, 2022

Indies Today Awards Finalist, 2022

Page Turner Awards Finalist, 2021

PNWA Literary Contest First-Place Winner, 2020

Chanticleer International Book Awards Semifinalist, 2020


Praise for CRISPR Evolution

"[A] gripping and accomplished debut novel ... Jones spins this heady story in smart, engaging prose ... It’s a thriller but anchored in the literary wing of science fiction, driven by character, given to colloquies, and often evocative ... This superb science fiction novel ... is rousing, moving, and rewarding." —BookLife Reviews (Editor's Pick)


"A dark but believable extrapolation from present-day attitudes ... the novel handles its moral questions sensitively and fairly ... a tale that provides readers with a penetrating and thought-provoking glimpse into a possible not-so-distant future." —Kirkus Reviews


"Sci fi that promises to reshape its genre ... a heart-in-your-throat page-turner ... it conveys the spinning sense of a future that outstrips a single existence and feels synchronously optimistic, poignant, and even celebratory ... an explosive panorama of what makes up our genetic formation ... richly imagined characters and settings. The author is strong on atmosphere, illuminating vast tracts of imagery, and her uniquely supple and powerful style is even more clear-cut ... wildly original and intelligently drawn." —Reader Views


"This thoroughly engaging work of speculative fiction rejuvenated my love for science fiction ...  The characters are spellbinding, each shining in their own light and demanding center stage ... As a brilliant and dedicated rogue scientist with a questionable sense of ethics, Dr. Howard Wake changed my outlook on a hero. While hardcore scientific facts form the book’s foundation, Jones’ literary tweaks help it soar to unprecedented heights ... Jones recounts the beauty of life and imagines the unleashing of one’s full potential." —Readers' Favorite


"A layered and engrossing work of dystopian speculative fiction ... prose is finely rendered and Jones shows a finesse for worldbuilding ... a wholly convincing and well-informed narrative. The characters’ personal journeys and the moral dilemmas they grapple with offer a contemplative exploration of the interplay between science, ethics, and human nature ... a striking work of speculative sci-fi." —The BookLife Prize


"A beautifully moving book centered around humanity’s relationship with genetic engineering." IndieReader


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